Therapeutic Hydrosol Spray
Therapeutic Hydrosol Spray

Therapeutic Hydrosol Spray

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Therapeutic Hydrosol Spray - 50ml

Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and cancer drugs save lives, but unfortunately they can also leave you with harsh side effects, such as hot flushes, stress, anxiety, sore/dry skin and insomnia.

Our therapeutic hydrosol sprays have been developed by our own clinical aromatherapists with the aim of tackling some of the side effects associated with cancer and its various treatments mentioned above.

How do they work?

Essential oils can be very effective when inhaled through the nasal passageways, helping to manage symptoms associated with cancer treatments - whether that be stress, anxiety, respiratory conditions, hot flushes, circulation problems or insomnia.

Our hydrosol sprays are made with light floral waters collected when the essential oil is steam-distilled. These light mist sprays can help to cool and refresh, whilst being gentle on the skin due to their delicate nature.

Directions for use: Simply spray onto the face, feet body or pillow - depending on the intended use. Avoid contact with eyes.

How to choose the right blend for you:

Peppermint and Rose Hormonal mist- Calming, refreshing and moisturising, with anti-inflammatory properties

Rose and Frankincense Sleep Mist - Perfect for helping you get a good night’s sleep. Can be sprayed onto your face or chest, or onto a pillow or tissue

All of our hydrosol sprays are 100% free from paraben, aluminium, sodium laurel sulphate, mineral oil, and paraffin.

NOTE: These products have been carefully developed through many years’ experience of helping with symptom management in those living with cancer. As a result, our products are suitable for everyone - not just cancer sufferers.

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