Unisex Bamboo Touch Sleepwear
Unisex Bamboo Touch Sleepwear
Unisex Bamboo Touch Sleepwear

Unisex Bamboo Touch Sleepwear

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Unisex’ Bamboo Touch ‘Drench-to-Dry’ Sleepwear

If you or a loved one is currently undergoing treatment for cancer, you’ll know how debilitating night sweats (also known as nocturnal hyperhydrosis) can be. You’ll also know how important a good night’s sleep can be, and how these two things don’t exactly align with one another.

Our Bamboo Touch ‘Drench-to-Dry’ sleepwear has been specially designed for women to help alleviate issues caused by night-time body drenches related to cancer treatments and other medical conditions which can result in night sweats.

How do they work?

These specially-designed pyjamas have been developed to encourage sleep, and aid the healing process. They do this absorbing excess liquid from the surface of the skin whilst keeping the body warm.

Our Bamboo Touch material dramatically reduces the amount of times you’ll need to get up during the night to change your sleepwear, hence allowing for a better quality of sleep and a good night’s rest.

Having undergone extensive testing, we’re pleased to say these pyjamas are now being used in cancer units and by NHS medical professionals.

Bamboo Touch sleepwear features

Some of the features of our ladies’ Bamboo Touch ‘Drench-to-Dry’ sleepwear include:

  • A unique design developed for ultimate comfort
  • Stand collar to keep the neck area dry and warm
  • Double yoke at the shoulder front and back, which allows double the amount of moisture retention
  • Slightly larger buttons for easy fastening (helps with numb fingers sometimes caused by chemotherapy)
  • Two front pockets
  • Comfort elastic in the waist
  • Extra ease incorporated into the garment
  • Ultra-absorbent Bamboo Touch material

Additional product information

Bamboo Viscose sourced from Asian Bamboo

Oek-tex standard 100 class

Regular washing is advised to sustain the absorbency of this garment


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