Luxurious Shea with Vitamin E Cream
Luxurious Shea with Vitamin E Cream
Luxurious Shea with Vitamin E Cream

Luxurious Shea with Vitamin E Cream

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Luxurious Shea with Vitamin E Cream

If you or a loved one is currently undergoing treatment for cancer (such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and cancer drugs), you may find your skin is more dry and fragile than it was before, as well as being prone to rashes, inflammation and sore spots.

Developed by our own clinical aromatherapists, our Luxurious Shea with Vitamin E cream helps to restore skin and lock in moisture by nourishing and protecting - as well as helping to combat some of the symptoms mentioned above.

How does it work?

When inhaled through the nasal passageways, essential oils can provide many great benefits that can in turn help manage symptoms associated with cancer treatments - whether that be stress, anxiety, respiratory conditions, circulation problems or insomnia.

Our Luxurious Shea with Vitamin E cream is designed with a rich, concentrated formula which is moisturising and healing to the skin. They also contain apricot kernel oil to offer good lubrication and help treat sensitive or itchy skin.

This product is also enriched with specialist moisturisers to bind and lock in the moisture deep into the epidermis.

Directions for use: Apply directly to skin as and when needed

How to choose the right blend for you:

Cypress, Lime and Mandarin - May help to alleviate stress, aid respiratory conditions and boosts the immune system

Ylang Ylang, Rose and Mandarin - Can help reduce stress and anxiety, whilst aiding sleep and relaxation

Benchmark Thyme, Lemon and Bergamot - Can help to boost circulation and fight infections, due to their antibacterial properties. Benchmark Thyme is proven powerful in combating MRSA (Ref: Maggi Tisserand; School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences, University of Brighton).

Additional information:

Our Shea with Vitamin E Cream also contains rice bran oil, which is excellent for sensitive or newly-created skin, as it helps soften and contains a high antioxidant content. The addition of thistle oil helps to aid circulation, whilst rosehip oil has healing properties and promotes cell and tissue regeneration.

TIP: It’s also worth noting our Shea Cream and Therapeutic Body Wash are available in the same four blends, which makes them ideal for purchasing as a set. They will work synergistically together to enhance their beneficial properties.

All of our shea creams are 100% free from paraben, aluminium, sodium laurel sulphate, mineral oil, and paraffin.

NOTE: These products have been carefully developed through many years’ experience of helping with symptom management in those living with cancer. As a result, our products are suitable for everyone - not just cancer sufferers.

"I am glad I was introduced to this cream.  My eczema has now gone. It really is a wonder cream, it took the fire and burning sensation completely away." -Marie

" I use the hand cream religiously and it works wonders.  Soothing helps chapped, cracked hands and smells wonderful.  Highly Recommend!" - Nicola

“Granny’s Special Lavender Touch Cream,Heals and protects just like a dream,
Cuts, spots, burns, bruising and grazing, it’s soothing and cleansing properties are simply amazing, Grandchildren love the magic of this special cream,
That repairs their delicate skin and keeps it healthy and clean.”  - Catherine


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